What Up Lighting Color Should I Choose?

What Color Up Lighting should you use at your wedding? Uplighting is one of the most visually powerful lighting techniques available today. It can transform an ordinary banquet hall into a truly unique entertaining space. Uplighting is an ever-increasing trend in decor for many different types of events, especially weddings. It is an immediate mood-changer for any room. The right lighting can make a spacious room feel more intimate. It can turn bland, boring walls into something appealing and bring elegance to any celebration. Uplighting is a must when it comes to making your wedding or event pop! the right uplighting color can be a difficult task. However, at Erie DJ Entertainment we provide you with the tools necessary to assist in selecting the perfect uplighting color for your wedding. Let’s talk about your Wedding Color Theme, Your Decor, and Your Venue.

Using Your Wedding Theme to Help Choose Up Lighting Color

For obvious reasons, your Wedding or Event Theme and Color Scheme should help you decide which up lighting color (or colors) you should choose to accent your celebration. If you’re paying attention to Professional Wedding Planning advice you should have a grasp on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Colors already. (See what I did there? In case you were having trouble I linked you to our Wedding Photography page with some tips on choosing colors.) Our own In House Wedding Planning Team advises that you choose a color palette rather than a duo to create more depth, character, and ambience to your Wedding Celebration. This allows you to select from a variety of up lighting colors to use alongside your decor AND leads us into the other two factors: Your Decor and Your Venue.

Wedding Cake Up Lighting
Wedding Cake Up Lighting

How Your Wedding Decor Will Help Choose Up Lighting Color

After you’ve really nailed down your Wedding Color Palette, it’s time to start settling on decor. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing what you want your celebration to be decorated like. AND, your up lighting color will play into that (and off of it). Say you’re decorating with a TON of pink. Choosing pink toned up lighting color may leave your wedding looking like the inside of a Pepto Bismol Bottle…and no one wants that. But, switching over to another color in your palette can help make those pink decorations pop. On the other hand, nuetral or less obvious decor like babies breathe can be a perfect companion to a vivid up lighting color like a rich purple or blue.

Choosing Up Lighting Color for Your Venue

Finally, you need to consider your Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venues when choosing your Up Lighting Color. This has come into play many times while helping couples decide which colors to use in their venue. My most memorable time was while planning the decor at a Mound Grove Golf Course Wedding. The typical couples at that venue had been previously using purple and blue hues at the venue. But this couple didn’t really have a particular color scheme they cared for and (if we can be honest) we were tired of using purple and blue. So, we took a good hard look at the venue and the colors we had in mind. The original worn wooden plank walls of the barn were a PERFECT companion to the orange and reds we selected for this couple. And, while they didn’t have a specific color palette, they did decorate with fall themed items like leaves and acorns so the red and orange brought the warmth of fall into the barn. The Venue Manager was delighted. She had never seen orange used in the barn before. Therefore, she was really impressed on how the orange brought out the wood grain with such character.

What is Uplighting?

All in all, the final thought is this: If the DJ or Lighting Tech you’re considering hiring isn’t discussing the best up lighting color options with you….you may want to cross them off the list of potential vendors for your wedding day. These three factors can make your wedding day look like a mess…or become the vision you imagined. 

Breaking Down Up Lighting Color Choices

Because choosing just the right color and hue from an unending variety of colors may be a little intimidating, we’ve taken the time to break it down for you here. You can see how each color area can change the atmosphere of your celebration.

Reception Uplighting


Reds hues are very bold when used in uplighting. This color is often selected to enhance your event color palette and match decor (like bridesmaid dresses or flowers). Entering a room bathed in red feels sophisticated, sexy or exciting depending on how it’s tied to the room itself and the decor. Also, this color combines well with orange and yellow/gold for a welcoming, warm autumn glow. Red is reminscent of heat, fire, and passion. 

Pink Up Lighting Color


Pinks, Corals, and Peach or Blush is very popular for early spring weddings and vivid summer weddings. These colors feel fresh and new and can invoke feelings of joyful excitement. Depending on the hue they can also bring a calming sensation. Pinks can symbolize femininity and serenity too. Many weddings pair pink and it’s counterparts with bolder colors such as blue-green, green, or dark browns. This blend allows for both the strength and tenderness of your love.

Yellow Up Lighting Color


Similar to red, yellow/gold/orange are colors that bring warmth to a room. These colors seem to be more popular for fall events but have been gaining popularity throughout the year. Gold/Yellow/Orange provide the illusion of candlelight glow throughout the room, bringing a feeling of romance, intimacy, and comfort. It’s an excellent choice for a subtle impact that guests will undoubtedly remember! Depending on how you use these colors you can also bring joy and energy.

Green Up Lighting

Green Tones

If you’re hoping to make a statement by being unique green is a perfect choice! While not as widespread and common as the other colors, it brightens up a room by creating a fresh, crisp feeling. Green is a vivid color that pops and demands attention. It’s often used as a subtle accent color and ignored in the overall decor scheme. However, green represents life, energy, and new beginnings as it is the natural color all around us. This color is perfect for spring, summer, and winter weddings.

Light Blue lighting

Light Blue/Turquoise/Blue-Greens

These colors are trendy; creating a fresh, dreamy look that stirs the imagination. While blue hues are considered calming, they bring elegance to any venue. Blues make a sweet addition to any spring or summer wedding, and they are an excellent choice to compliment your Winter Wonderland wedding as well. This lighter blue is a versatile color that can be used in addition to your color palette as it comes in so many shades. Blue and blue-greens remind us of the water so it’s calming and serene.

Dark Blue Up Lighting

Royal Blue/Dark Blue

With so many different shades of blue from Royal to Navy-it is by far a popular uplighting color. Exciting and energetic, it leaves your guests ready to party! Dark blues make guests feel like they are in a club, so it is an ideal choice for any celebration. It pairs well with any decor and any wedding color (even if your wedding color is pink). When you’re having trouble deciding, this is a great color to choose. Accent blue up lighting color with tiny pink roses, burgundy napkins, or rich gold table runners. 

Purple Up Lighting

Shades of Purple

Remember that one Venue I mentioned where EVERYONE chose purple? Here’s a great example of uplighting at a wedding there. Purple is the color of royalty. It is rich and inviting and can add depth and excitement to your wedding celebration. In the Lake Erie Region are many wineries. Adding purple lighting to your winery or wine themed wedding makes sense. We’ve seen a trend in purple uplighting over the last few years. Many shades are available from deep purple to plum.

White Up Lighting


The white color is an LED white (slight blue tint). This is a great modern color to highlight a head table, cake area, or just bring more light into a venue. This is a subtle way to add personality to a room. We used white lighting on the outside of the Watson/Curtze Mansion for an outdoor summer wedding. It brought out the pink of the stone and created a soft look at the wedding. White is best for weddings in darker halls that need a pick me up or where the venues features are just so awe-inspiring you don’t want to change them. 

No matter which venue you’re hosting at or what color palette our Wedding Planning team has helped you select OR what decorations you settle on with our Decorating team…we’re here to help you decide on which up lighting color to use for your ceremony and/or reception. Choosing the right color scheme will not only create the atmosphere and energy you want at your wedding, it will also set this amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. Create a jaw dropping Wedding Gallery for your family and guests to emerse themselves in later. And, if you need a little more help our staff is trained to help you choose the right color. Learn more about our Wireless, LED up lighting that’s available in more than 64 brilliant hues by following the link below.

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