What Does a Good Wedding DJ Do?


What exactly does a Good Wedding DJ do? 

Why do Good Wedding DJ’s cost so much?

It’s just music, right? 

This is the Million Dollar (or it can seem like it) question!! This is the NUMBER ONE REGRET of every disappointed bride out there. Most brides don’t understand the importance of a good Wedding Disc Jockey in comparison to the Wedding Photography, Cake, Dress, and Decor, after all…it’s just music, right?

Wrong. Music, or rather, your complete source of entertainment, is KEY to a successful event – it’s your Reception PARTY! Who has a party without music?! Who has a party without someone who knows how to host and run a celebration? Well, no one really…as it turns out.

Now you may be thinking, “I can just get some speakers and run my iPod”… Please allow me to assure you; this could be the biggest mistake you’d make on your wedding. I speak from personal experience here.

When I was a bride, I had a minimal budget. And while I DID want to have a good wedding DJ, we had a choice to either feed people, or have music. Yes, the budget, was that tight. But love prevailed, and we threw caution to the wind, and we were married just the same. But not without some regrets. (With the music – not the marriage.) We hired the cheapest DJ we could find. It was a nightmare. No one danced. He refused to play the music we resquested because HE didn’t like it or own it. I had to bring my own CD of my first dance song for him to play and he gave me a hard time about it. I always suggest that couples I work with consider putting their financial investment toward their memories – for themselves (through photo/video), and their guests, in the form of great entertainment. I don’t want anyone to have the same terrible experience I did for not hiring a good wedding DJ.

Good Wedding DJ
Good Wedding DJ

What Does a Wedding DJ Do, Anyway?

Back to the beginning here. Most couples assume that all a DJ does is play some music during your wedding party. But, that’s so much further from the truth than you can even imagine. And, trust me, you CAN handle the truth. Here are some truths about what a good wedding DJ is all about. Also, it’s why hiring a professional Disc Jockey will give you the time of your life. Really, he (or she, there are a few of us) is worth their weight in gold.

Investment Versus Shortcomings

Let’s begin at the beginning. The Investment. You may be automatically thinking I mean your investment here. And, in a way I am..in the long run. Because, this wedding DJ is going to cost a bit more. But, it’s because of their initial investment into themselves and what they do.

Investing In the Equipment

A good Wedding DJ invests in every aspect of their business. That’s right. We purchase only the highest quality DJ gear. There’s a huge difference in sound coming from a professional grade DJ speaker and your dads stereo speakers you stole (I mean borrowed) from the garage to hook your I pad up to. A professional DJ will have speakers built for power and control. AND, they’ll be hooked up to a professional level sound board. Ever seen a movie where the guy in the bleeder box sound room has a board with 18 thousand dials and knobs? Yep, we’ve got those at every wedding we DJ. And you know what? Those speakers and all the stuff that goes along with it to make it sound pretty, costs a lot of money. A good wedding DJ invests all those funds into creating the best sound experience for you. Oh yeah…you know that $30 microphone you got at Wally World for pretending your Kelly Clark at home? Your DJ spent at least 10-20 times that much on a microphone so whoever is using it actually does sound like they’re giving a speech at the Oscars.

Good Wedding DJ
Good Wedding DJ

Investing in Their Company

In addition to the investment in equipment, which goes into the thousands of dollars, a good wedding DJ invests in their company in other ways. We at Erie DJ Entertainment purchase ONLY music tracks from reputable music suppliers similar to what your favorite radio stations purchase from. This means our music is glitch free, a comfortable level, has no commerical interruptions AND isn’t staticky. Also, our music doesn’t run the risk of conking out during your favorite jam because it’s not being streamed in on the internet. It’s all stored on hard drives we bring along with us to each event. Not to mention, it’s legal. That’s right. Cheaper DJ’s will illegally stream or download music from youtube or other sources putting more than the sound quality at risk. You know who’s liable for a lawsuit if they get caught? Not them…it’s you. The party host.

Investing in Themselves

Next on the investment list is himself (or herself). I’m sure you’re wondering what in the world I mean here. Okay, I want you to picture The Truman Show here. Remember the scene where Jim Carrey is talking in the mirror and pretending he’s an astronaut? Well, practicing your MCing can look and sound a lot like that. Thank goodness we’re not hooked up to live feed during that practice! Joking set aside for a minute. I was once hired for a wedding because I impressed the bride & groom so much during their best friends wedding. The bride was the Maid of Honor and the groom was the Best Man. Each had unique and difficult names to pronounce. So, during my interview with the first bride I asked how to pronounce them. I wrote them out phoenetically and I practiced…A LOT..during the next two weeks knowing I’d be announcing them during Grand Entrance and Toast time. When I knew their names and didn’t butcher them at the wedding they decided on the spot to hire me for their own wedding day the following year. Now, I’ll flip the switch on you. I was hired once for my Photo Booth and Day of Coordination while the couple decided to ‘save money’ on a cheap family friend DJ. Well, the DJ didn’t even bother getting the bridal parties names beforehand and had to lean out the door to ask them as they came in. Not too mention, he was wearing dirty, ripped up blue jeans and a cut off flannel at the wedding. I about had a hernia from it. Here are the bride & groom wearing the most expensive and best clothing they’ve ever owned. Every single guest is decked out in their finest outfits and the DJ looks like he just walked in from mending a fence in the backyard. I was appalled. A Good Wedding DJ gets to know his trade, practices, AND dresses the part.

Good Wedding DJ

Investing in You

Finally, and going along with my last point, a Good Wedding DJ invests in YOU!! How does a DJ invest in you? Well, lots of different ways. 

To begin with, a good wedding DJ is going to get to know you. They’ll ask questions about you, your finacee, and your love story before you even hire them. They want to know they are a good fit for you just as much as if you are a good fit for them. For instance, a DJ known to be flashy, loud, and likes to be the center of attention should undestand that a bride hosting a laid back beach themed wedding with background only music doesn’t want a flashy guy. He’ll pass it on to a friend who’s a better fit and everyone has a better experience. 

In addition to asking questions to make sure they are the best fit, they’ll keep on getting to know you. We use online Planning Forms that are built in chronological order to help you give us all the info we need to make your wedding day a success. We’ll ask you for your family & bridal party names, what role they’re playing, and what music you want. (We’ll practice saying those names too…I promise.) If you need help choosing music we are there for you. But knowing those details puts everyone at ease for an amazing wedding celebration. 

After getting to know and understand you and filling in the blanks about your wedding day we will work alongside your other wedding pros and you on your wedding day to make sure your wedding day flows smoothly by acting as your MC/Reception guide. That’s what a REALLY Good Wedding DJ does. They are the host at your wedding that everyone else depends on to have fun, stay in the loop, and relax that everything is falling into place while you just enjoy the moment…your moment.


Wedding DJ Cost
Reception Disc Jockey
Cost of Wedding Disc Jockey

Summarize here

Average Wedding DJ Cost in Erie, Pa

And now we get to the heart of the matter. How much does the average Wedding DJ cost in Erie Pa? Well according to places like The Knot and Wedding Wire, the average cost couples spent on a Wedding DJ in 2020 was $1200. That’s right on the upper end of an Amateur Disc Jockey and the lower end of an Experienced one. Take into consideration that the average cost does usually get you the basic service with most professionals. Add-ons like Up Lighting, Dancing on the Clouds, Photo Booth, etc may increase rates. 

Wedding DJ Budget

Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding DJ

Now that you know there are different levels of experience you can expect from Wedding DJ’s and you understand the average cost it’s time to start exploring. We’ve got a list of Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding DJ for you to get ready.

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