When Should You Book Your Wedding DJ?

Planning a wedding can be rough in many ways. It can lead to frustration and disappointment. But no one wants sad or depressing memories of their wedding day. That’s why I want to talk about when to book a Wedding DJ. It’s the only way to guarantee you’ll have a fantastic host at your Wedding Reception who will keep your guests entertained all day long. 

You’ll notice I called your Wedding DJ a host. It’s mighty important to understand the real role of a Wedding DJ so you get why it’s important to put them on the top of your Wedding Planning list. If you’re not sure about how to plan your wedding you can reach out to our Professional Team. One of our Wedding Planners can be a huge help. 

when to book a wedding dj
when to book a wedding dj

What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

Let’s begin with what a Wedding DJ does. That may help you understand when to book a Wedding DJ. Like I mentioned earlier, your DJ is your Reception Host. This professional is responsible for making sure the flow of the party goes according to plan, while communicating with the guests so they know what’s happening AND keeping everyone (including you) entertained. Sounds a lot like a host to me. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it because it just makes sense. Imagine your wedding is a clock. The clock stops telling time if the gears stop turning. That’s sad and disappointing. However, if that main gear keeps on ticking in the perfect time your watch will never fail you. That’s your DJ!! They are the main gear all other vendors revolve around. They keep the time for you. They create the magic your Wedding Photographer captures. Without a good Wedding DJ, well…….I just shudder. In fact, I just talked with a bride a few days ago who regretted not checking into the DJ she hired first. He had no idea how to control the flow of her reception and everyone got frustrated and left early.

when to book a wedding dj
when to book a wedding dj

The Importance of Budgeting for a Good Wedding DJ

The next thing we need to talk about when to book a Wedding DJ is budgeting. This is by far the biggest area couples forget to plan for. Why is budget important? Because the earlier you set a realistic budget the higher your budget will be and the better the pro you can afford. What if your first choice for a Wedding DJ is way outside of your budget because you waited to long to book? I always tell my clients to use simple math here. If you book 15 months out and your DJ is $1500 that’s only $100 a month to set aside. But, if you wait until 6 months before your wedding you now have to come up with $250 out of your monthly budget. 

And let’s go back to another poor brides nightmare scenario. We just had a bride call us distraught because she waited until 6 months before her wedding and booked the cheapest DJ she found. It’s what she could afford at that point. He took her money and hasn’t talked to her since. It’s only 2 months before her wedding and she’s so nervous he hasn’t responded to any of her texts or FB messages. He leaves her on read. Planning ahead and budgeting further out would have enabled her to book a DJ she could trust. (Update: We were able to fill in for this amazing couple when their low cost DJ bailed! What a great day.)


when to book a wedding dj
when to book a wedding dj
when to book a wedding dj

When is the Best Time to Book a Wedding DJ?

Now we get down to the million dollar question. When to book a Wedding DJ? The answer….very shortly after you set a wedding date. My answer to most clients: 11-15 months before your big day. I strongly suggest the order of booking be:

  1. Venue & Catering
  2. Photographer
  3. Disc Jockey

These three vendors should be your top priority AND have the largest chunk of your Wedding Budget if you’re doing it right. These three vendors are responsible for 75% of the success of your wedding day. (Personally, a Wedding Planner and a bride that loves to dance are the remaining success factors in my book.) 

While your venue sets the atmosphere, your catering keeps everyone full and happy. While your DJ plays hosts and entertains everyone by making magic your Photographer will capture that story and preserve it forever. 

when to book a wedding dj

Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding DJ

Now that you know how important it is to book early and hopefully you’ve explored our tips on cost and expectations, you’re ready to start interviewing pros. We’ve got a list of Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding DJ for you to get ready.

Start Planning Your Wedding Now

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